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These nail wraps are so easy to apply, and look amazing! Made of 100% nail polish on medical-grade adhesive, won't damage your nails. They fit kids & adults!

The French manicure nails on these are made for shorter nails.  For longer nails, line up the French manicure part where you want it at the tip of your nail.  A topcoat will help conceal that the nail wrap does not cover the base of your nail bed.


PREP: Wash your hands to remove grease or lotions. Prep your nails by pushing back cuticles, clean with rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover.   


PEEL: Peel clear top off of wrap, & then peel wrap off of white backing.

STICK: Apply wrap to nail while gently stretching to fit. If the wrap is covering skin or cuticle area, peel off and readjust before it seals to nail.

FILE: Fold wrap over the top of nail and file lightly to remove excess.

TOPCOAT: Apply quality topcoat for longer wear. We recommend Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.


*Remove with nail polish remover, or simply peel off.